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Introduce Ultrasurface's PVC flooring production line process in detail?

Introduce Ultrasurface's PVC flooring production line process in detail?

Update Time:2021/5/20
Ultrasurface factory occupies a 75,000SQM land area & brings you a total of 68million SQM flooring production capacity. We passed ISO9001 quality management system & ISO14001 environment management system certification, factory management takes "quality is the key to development and success" as our principle. Highly automated production lines ensure formula accuracy, production efficiency, and quality stability, which makes our products more competitive in the market. 

Ultrasurface LVT vinyl flooring production lines adopt high-speed backing layer extrusion technology which greatly improves the stability of the product. UV coating technology coupled with an ultra-long annealing system can ensure the product has super durability and more resistant to scratches and stains.

Ultrasurface SPC flooring production lines are fully automated. The automatic feeding system and high-speed stirring system ensure the precise formulation and the best stability of the product. The automatic high-speed under-layer applying machine and automatic rectangular cutting equipment have greatly improved production efficiency.

The German imported Homag profiling machine guarantees the high accuracy of the click system. High-precision automatic beveling & lacquered beveling equipment can ensure the good appearance of products.

Industry-leading equipment greatly improves the accuracy of production, and manual quality control of each production process is also crucial. Our quality inspection department strictly controls every step and strictly abides by each customer's order requirements to ensure that every floor we deliver is perfect.
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