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Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

Update Time:2022/6/21

Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

Yes, vinyl plank flooring is waterproof.

Yes, vinyl plank flooring is waterproof. That does not mean it is indestructible. However, despite the risks involved vinyl flooring is still the best choice for moisture areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements, because of its water-resistant property.

The main problems that cause water leakage:

Plumbing issues with the toilet, sink, or bathtub

Groundwater moisture

Leaking or overflowing dishwasher or washing machine

Crawlspace moisture

If you detect any of the above-mentioned problems, you should take immediate action to mitigate the issue. Dont wait for the apparent signs to appear, because the longer you wait the greater the damage; leading to the replacement of the entire floor.

So what if your vinyl floor leaks or gets wet?

To simply put it, if you happen to spill water over the vinyl planks clean them with a cloth as quickly as possible. Then turn on the fan or heater to dry them out. On the contrary, if the water problem is under the floor (e.g. from a broken pipe), youll need to fix the leak, and use a shop vac or dehumidifier to fix moisture.

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