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Vinyl flooring Manufacturer Solution for Building Contractor

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5 common challenges faced by Building Contractor

Difficult to find products that exactly match the design artwork?
Worried that the goods cannot be delivered on time?
Worried that the goods cannot be delivered to the designated address?
Multi-category product purchase?
Difficult to identify which supplier is trustworthy?

How to quickly find a floor that exactly matches the design artwork?
It is difficult to find flooring products with exactly matching designs,
Generally speaking, it takes at least a week or so, and it is difficult to find the exact same design from the website, so the way for builders is to screen some qualified floor manufacturers first, establish initial contact, and then express their needs And expect a quick reply from the floor manufacturer.
As we all know, there are thousands of floor designs, and it is difficult to quickly match a 100% consistent color film even if it is a professional floor manufacturer.
However, an experienced floor manufacturer can do it in 3 days, which requires at least 10 years of floor design experience, and such floor experts are rare.
How to ensure that the goods can be delivered on time?
In the contract, the delivery time is a very important clause, and it is especially important for the contractor. There will be extra costs for the goods to arrive early or late. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the goods arrive at the designated place at a safe time.

This actually tests the logistics management ability of a floor manufacturer. Good floor manufacturers often have more cost-effective logistics channels (because for logistics companies, efficient and attentive service is required to ensure our continuous cooperation),
Moreover, the shipping price/service that a good floor dealer can get will directly affect your logistics cost and cargo safety.

With 20 years of import and export experience, ultrasurfacefloor has a stable and excellent logistics partner in Shanghai/Ningbo port, and the timeliness is guaranteed. In addition, we also have logistics guarantee clauses. If the goods cannot arrive in time due to our company Additional losses shall be fully borne by our company.
 How to deliver the goods directly to the project address?
DDP trade terms are the main terms for the customers of our cooperative engineering companies. Under this term, you only need to provide the delivery address, and all import and export duties/customs declarations do not require you to operate, we will monitor your logistics throughout the process. , and deliver the goods to your designated location on time.
How to purchase multiple products required for the project in one stop?
As an engineer company, you often need to purchase a variety of products,
Taking floor products as an example, customers who usually purchase floor products also need floor accessories products, such as lines/stair bars/skirtings, etc. Ultrasurface has a mature supply chain of floor accessories products, which can help you one-stop Purchase until delivered to your specified address.
How to confirm whether the supplier is worthy of cooperation?
This is a question every buyer will encounter, and we have written an article to help you learn how to find a qualified flooring supplier. 

In order to make high-quality vinyl flooring in an ethical and eco-friendly way, a vinyl flooring manufacturer must tick many boxes. Modern machinery, skilled and well-paid vinyl flooring experts, sustainable factories, and radical transparency are some of the must-haves for any manufacturer that can actually help your vinyl flooring line outshine others. If they lack one, that’s one too many so brace yourself when you decide to go manufacturer hunting, it might take a while.

Unless you want to give us a try. To do so, fill out the contact form below the FAQ excerpt. If you can, provide as many details about your potential order as possible.

Why Work With Ultrasurfacefloor?
Some of the benefits of Ultrasurfacefloor as custom vinyl flooring manufacturers
We are an ethical vinyl flooring manufacturer
We have been making vinyl flooring since 2002
We’ll make your vinyl flooring line from a sustainable material and we’ll make it using sustainable methods
We have already got many certificates such as Floorscore, CE Certificate, SGS, and Intertek test report. Our factory has also got the ISO9001(Quality Management System) and ISO14001(Environment Management System) certificates.
We offer low minimum order quantities (MOQ) of 500sqm per design/color in any size

Vinyl Flooring style
Average price for new vinyl flooring
Glue down pvc/vinyl flooring(LVT)
SPC flooring/Rigid core
40% more than LVT
WPC core flooring
100% more than LVT
We've manufacted more than 9 million square meters of flooring for our customers every year
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lvt flooring projects
pvc flooring projects
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