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Where can vinyl flooring be installed?

Where can vinyl flooring be installed?

Nov 5,2021
Where can vinyl flooring be installed? Is vinyl flooring suitable for all places?
Vinyl flooring has long been the most popular floor covering. Vinyl flooring has many advantages, one of which is that it can be widely used in many different spaces. However, vinyl flooring cannot be placed anywhere. In this article, we have summarized basic information for you about what spaces vinyl flooring is suitable for and should not be placed.
Vinyl flooring coverings are becoming more and more popular
The popularity of vinyl flooring continues to increase, thanks to its characteristics, such as relatively common use, pleasant surface, suitable for heated rooms, easy to install, easy to clean and maintain, scratch-resistant, non-slip, flame-retardant, etc. In addition, vinyl flooring has endless different decorations and patterns, so everyone can find the right pattern that best suits the interior of their room, bedroom, or other room.
Which rooms are vinyl flooring suitable for?
One big advantage of vinyl floorings is that they can be used in almost any indoor space, whether it's a residential or a commercial building. In addition to apartments and family houses, vinyl flooring is also suitable for various offices, shops, shopping centers, stadiums, hospitals, operating rooms, hotels, and industrial or production buildings.

For home use, vinyl flooring is not only suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms or corridors, but also can be placed in rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms or kitchens without worries. They are suitable for every room. Although vinyl boards are more commonly used in homes, in commercial buildings, we most often encounter vinyl rolls, which are designed for larger spaces.

Recommendations for vinyl floorings suitable for wet areas:
Due to its unique properties, vinyl flooring is also ideal for places with very high humidity-non-slip and waterproof vinyl flooring can be used around indoor swimming pools, changing rooms and other spa areas. Generally speaking, many vinyl floorings are not suitable for places where the temperature is higher than 35°C, such as in a sauna. However, premium SPC vinyl flooring can. The SPC vinyl flooring has a stone rigid core. It is super stable. Therefore, SPC vinyl flooring is suitable for extreme climates, such as tropical and severely cold areas.

High-quality SPC vinyl flooring recommendation:
Where is vinyl flooring not suitable?
Vinyl floorings are indoor floorings and are not suitable for external use. For example, on the terrace or balcony of a family home. If you have problems when choosing floorings, be sure to consult our product experts in advance. We will be glad to advise you and suggest the ideal flooring type that meets your requirements.
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